Has Opinions 12: Building Houses and Businesses. #BUILDSZN is now!

Now that I have your attention: Today Chris and Daniel talk about more home stuff. Chris shares about the MySQL learning goodness he’s preparing at mysqlbackups.tv and Daniel announces buildszn.com.

Today Chris and Daniel talk about more home stuff. Chris is getting some remodeling done and Daniel is building a house.

Chris shares a humorous story about his time living in an apartment.

After discussing all of these home expenses we ask “How do we pay for this stuff?”

Is the answer “build an app”? Or maybe start a business outside of digital like a landscaping business? We discuss the thought process of choosing ideas to pursue and the process of executing on those ideas.

  • What do you do with business ideas you have?
  • Have you considered buying an existing business?
  • Have you thought about copying another business idea

Daniel announces #BUILDSZN which is a short and focused time of learning and building a saas. This is like a self-funded, self-directed startup incubator where success is defined by just doing it.

Chris updates on mysqlbackups.tv. He’s about 20 videos in to building his info product. He’s now working with a video editor and setting up a drip email campaign for new student courses.

We finish the episode talking about Jon and Justin’s Build your Saas podcast. Jon, Daniel is sorry he called you “Jeff”.

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