Has Opinions 5: Vacation is Productive, Tesla is your babysitter

Today Chris and Daniel talk about the importance of take time off from your job and side project.

Today Chris and Daniel give updates on their side businesses and share their opinions about what a terrible financial decision cars can be.

Chris shares updates about mysqlbackups.tv and talks about updating an RDS server in production 😱.

Daniel shares about doing that content dance for growdevelopment.com.

Chris shares about his new project of remodeling a bedroom closet into a recording studio. This is the byproduct of having an infant in the house who you don’t want to wake up. We also discuss if a sleeping baby can be left in a zero-emissions vehicle and when Tesla will make a robot babysitter 🤔.

The rest of the episode is spent discussing a quote from The Fizzle Show episode about “The Danger of Not Taking Time Off“:

I realized in the course of doing business long enough, you really do
learn, oh man, i am the problem in my business right now. I’m the
problem because I can’t think straight. I don’t know what to do next.
I don’t have the right mindset to get the projects that I’m doing over
the finish line.

Through trying to build a business to have the kind of lifestyle I
want, I don’t have the kind of lifestyle I want because I’m always

Time off is important stuff indeed. We also talk about the concept of a “Founder’s Retreat” as described by Rob Walling.

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