Has Opinions 8: College Degree vs Coding Bootcamp

Today Chris and Daniel talk about building a closet recording studio, a do nothing weekend, and an example of a Computer Science Degree vs a coding bootcamp.

This week the struggle is real for Chris trying to build a studio in a closet to have a quiet place to record. Mics, tables, and legs, oh my!

Daniel spent the past weekend summoning the gig economy to bring him stuff so he could do absolutely nothing all weekend.

We spend the episode discussing a blog post from a local bootcamp written by a person who got a 4 year degree majoring in computer science, couldn’t get a job after graduation, and then went through the bootcamp and got a job.

Why did a degree that costs upwards of $200,000 not provide enough skills for a graduate to get a job?

Was a coding bootcamp that costs $22,500 the only viable option to get hired in the tech industry?

Is this a roadmap to success or a cautionary tale?

Is there more to this story? (probably!)

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