Has Opinions 13: How do you choose what to project to work on?

Today Chris and Daniel talk about the process of choosing which product idea to work on next.

When choosing an idea to work on for a side hustle what is the best way to choose an idea?

Daniel saw this tweet by Justin Sainton and responded with his answer:

Go with whichever sounds more fun and that you can get fast traction
on. Get something in front of people with money fast.

In the podcast Chris and Daniel talk about how they keep track of ideas, and how they choose the next idea that will get worked on.

Daniel just read Pieter Levels’ book Make that has a section describing how Pieter chooses ideas to work on.

Daniel started streaming on Twitch for #buildszn and found this OBS tutorial very helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2HzbY8E4yQ

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