Has Opinions 7: Deep Work and Kid Free Trips

Today Chris and Daniel talk about kid free trips with our spouses and the book Deep Work.

Both of us had kid-free trips this past weekend. It’s hard to do, but so very needed.

We spent most of the episode discussing the book Deep Work by Cal Newport.

If you ascribe to “Deep Work” how do you choose what work to work deeply on if you’re a founder?
Example: Daniel could do deep work learning React, Vue.js or some other framework. Or I can hire someone to do tasks requiring that skill and instead do deep work learning how to identify and serve customers.

  • Daniel describes the book and how it’s split into two parts: The case for deep work, and how to do deep work.
  • Chris has found time-boxing super helpful to get tasks done.

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Has Opinions 6: Health care and self-employment

Today Chris and Daniel have opinions on health care in the USA as a self-employed person.

We are each heading out of town this weekend with our spouse on trips without kids!

We describe the health care Marketplace which is where people in the United States can purchase health insurance when they do not get access to it through their employer.

Daniel is self employed and Chris might be one day so this is something we both think about.

We discuss the benefits of having an HSA and that sometimes the cash price is similar or close enough to the insurance negotiated price.

Going self-employed comes with risk because there is no guaranteed paycheck. Daniel shares that health insurance is just a small part of that risk and shouldn’t be used as a reason to not start your own company or be independent.

We suggest:

  1. Have an emergency fund
    1. Decide what you think you might need for health insurance in the next year when deciding between high vs low deductibles (and how that affects your monthly payment)

We then discuss if there is a possibility or market for creating a company with other entrepreneurs purely to get a group insurance plan?